Recruitment now open

Recruitment for the first two workshops in Katowice in May 2021 and in Budapest in October 2021 is now open! You can find more information about the workshops and the application form here.

The application deadline is March 14, 2021, so don’t delay!

We invite students (undergraduate and graduate studies) and doctoral students (doctoral school, doctoral studies) who are interested in the subject of Euroscepticism, the Visegrad Group and international cooperation to submit the application.

Why is it worth taking part in the project?

  • You will acquire new skills and competences,
  • you will test your knowledge during practical activities,
  • you will develop interpersonal skills,
  • you will develop language skills,
  • you will learn about how to cooperate in scientific community,
  • you will gain an interesting experience,
  • you will gain new friendships and contacts,
  • you will prop up your chance for a scholarship – participation in the project might give you additional points.

During the workshop we wish to work on advisory documents that will be addressed to project stakeholders – policy advisors, decision makers, think tanks and NGOs. Your contribution to the project will be deeply appreciated!

Each student and doctoral student can recruit for any number of projects, but participation in only one workshop is allowed.