As part of the project, we have planned integration meetings between students, academics and experts from all Visegrad countries. We will meet four times at academic workshops, preceded by open lectures transmitted via the Internet.

The first meeting will be held in Katowice in May 2021 and will be devoted to attempts to counteract the growing Eurosceptic tendencies in the Visegrad countries. The second meeting will take place in Budapest in October 2021, during which we will focus on the position of the Visegrad countries toward “Industry 4.0” transformation. We will meet for the third time in Brno in March 2022 to discuss the possibilities of euro adoption of three Visegrad countries as well as Slovakian experience with the common currency. The last workshop will take place in Bratislava in June 2022, where we will discuss diplomatic relations between the V4 countries and EU structures.

The entire project will end with a scientific conference in Brno in October 2022, during which the results of our research and the effects of the project will be presented.

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